You can Improve Your Own Natural Breast Health

Healthy Girls Breast Oil Joyce Sobotta

Do you have breast pain and tenderness?
Are your breasts lumpy and bumpy?
Are you afraid to touch your breasts because you may find a lump?
Is there a history of breast cancer in your family?
Do you have scaring from a mastectomy?

 Did you know you can make changes to improve your natural breast health?  Watch the videos below and  get your free gifts on the right. 

Welcome to Healthy Girls Breast Oil and a
Loving, Lymphatic Self Breast Massage

My name is Joyce Sobotta, Certified Aromatherapist and Breast Health Advocate.
The best way I can help you is to teach you to nurture and protect your breast
health naturally.   This will balance, detoxify, and soften your breasts, while it
improves your immune system.

Awaken to the Experience of Natural Breast Health

Poster SmallAre you aware that you can make changes to improve your own breast health? The lymphatic system is actually a crucial player in your body’s ability to ward off disease and heal. The reality is that you have twice as much lymph fluid in your body as blood.  The lymph continuously bathes each cell and drains away the debris through the circulatory system powered only by your breathing and movement.  If the movement stopped entirely you would die in a matter of hours.
After studying and learning about the lymphatic system’s role in a healthy immune system, I came to realize there are many  ways to ensure your lymphatic system stays healthy. I developed a 9-step process to Natural Breast Health that you can easily do every day, and I’m making these instructions available to you on this site for free.

To start your journey to Natural Breast Health, just fill in the form to the right with your name and email. You will gain immediate access to our Natural Breast Health Resources Page, and begin receiving monthly Breast Health Tips Ezine.

My purpose is to educate and empower you to love your body and nurture your breasts to health. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you on your journey.

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